Twelfth night. ‘Tis. And away soon, hey ho… &c..etcetaera ‘and all the etceteras!’a s my good friend might say.

I’m procrastinating. Here. With my page. Perhaps it’s my age.

I should be elsewhere, but some ‘Love’ yet to leave (a deep breath just heaved, but not the shopping, cos my sis-pal did that, though I swore just before I could do that myself, along my way)


A virtual coffee could be such a good idea, but I’m often away and so oft never here.

Nor there there, enough. Already?

I’m a bit disappointed the coj2015 is so quiet, but as to be expected at a guess, so i’m off to be a guest, somewhere other, once upon I made my post, for my sis-pal’s almost spitting unnecessary fine feathers once again. Poor hen! and why chicken licken? Us poor veggies sicken and reach for the pizza and yet here alas have we none. But she fetched home a fine salad, yet struggles so with a ballad, so I’ll throw her a biscuit to dunk! That’s a cookie not a scone, yet our English is all wrong although that’s maybe just the foreigners hunch. Or is it dinner or lunch? So away for a fine supper, soon after this cuppa and tomorrow’s mariner’s pie for our brunch?

Is this a prose poem? Sometimes there’s no way of knowing! Whatever it’s bound to be shoddy. Cos I’m so out of practise, way offline to be hacked less and Happy new Year and best Gluck (with an um laut of course and for sure). So the last day or just twelfth, and when we wish for our elf why’d the enemy roll up with their hearse(t)?! I wanna tray not a trolley and not after no dolly, but a nice paper doiley’d be fine. And the weirdest of thing cos my pal-sis did bring a whole packful from our near nisa shop!

Maybe I’m just testing, to see hear if in your ears I’m nesting and if thee get thine rhythm clip-clop; tho’ we’re never ship-shape and more alike ceramic ape and it really nigh is time to full stop!

(I was inspired to virt-coffee by fellow coj2015er but obviously haven’t made it as nicely nor neatly! Just my ENEnglsh ways! gadzooks ye Am-Ens are a bit overly-expectational of correctionally-isms! yike! Happy New Year tho 🙂 honestly…)