Spring 2015 Bloggiesta

I’ve decided to add some pages at last, to remove any hopefully cohesive parts of articles with anything relevant from the clutter of my daily ramblings posts: I hope that will make them easily identifiable and easier to read for blog-hop participants.


I’ve been timing my own blog-hop activities during Bloggiesta toward the mini-challenge of creating and planning my blogging schedule better and with next month’s month long challenges in mind (April A to Z and possibly Writing 101 also). During this week’s marathon blog-hopping excercise I realised how much work challenge hosts and team moderators must have to do AND that there’s no easy answer to reducing moderation workload.

It helps a great deal to have a well-organised layout with easy to find relevant posts/pages during the process of blog-hopping but especially for event moderation. So, especially for these dedicated ladies and gentlemen who provide the stimulation and support of challenge events/ memes, and in Bloggiesta blogging-goals-and-better-organisation focus, I am tackling this particular need to improve my blog’s environment for anyone paying a visit ASAP. (Apologies for being both a slow-learner and slow off the mark!)

in progress … more  / more pages arriving here soon 🙂

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