About Snailzpace Daily

I assert, as author of Snailzpace Daily, that all you will find here is my own original work, copyright stu06bloc9 for personal and educational uses only, unless expressly stated otherwise. This applies to all content here whether clearly marked on any page as such or not. At all times I strive to acknowledge the copyrights of others and firmly believe in the guiding principles of ethical, responsible internet freedoms as per the original intentions of the world-wide-web inventor(s), creators and founders to whom I will be eternally grateful.

HEADER designed from collaging sections of a screenshot of a creative commons licensed photo on Flickr into the simple MSPaint programme to manipulate and make a new jpeg file. THE ORIGINAL HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGE photo found at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/frogbelly/4672820395 – LICENSED FOR ACCREDITED USE ACCORDING TO THIS LICENSE STATEMENT https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

(More on how I made this header can be found at the bottom of this page.)

My blog here is a personal journal / work-book type blog, sometimes the home to writing done in response to challenge prompts, reflection and often rambling. Life and new commitments prevented blogging activity for a while but I’ve recently returned to pick up my posting habit again.

I also have a creative writing blog,  and previously daily, now at least weekly challenge response offerings at my poetry blog… (poetry sometimes occurs here too).


At it’s creation point, as a fairly new blogger and still learning the ropes,

this practice blog

was primarily for responses to the Blogging 201 “course” tasks

POETRY ~02/2015

(beginner level study)

How I made my header: I collaged sections from a screen shot of a flickr photo, with a CC license allowing for derivative works, as credited near top of page – somehow the current version displayed is an unfinished version and I have to find the intended finished header!  I’ve peppered my collaged version using the spray can in MS Paint, having selected some colours from the photo before adding hand-drawn text with an old rollerball mouse! So added ‘Daily’ using the text-box available in MSPaint. Very low-tech, a form I enjoy 🙂

[Page updated 05/09/15]

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  1. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog posts, so I nominated you for an award! Find out more here and please don’t feel obligated to accept it..


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