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Some of us have been chatting about this issue for a while now. Don’t you just love it when you’re ‘sofa-hopping’, buy a newspaper whenever you can manage to get out and afford one, but whenever you’re at a friends house and can use the internet, there’s all these professional websites BEGGING for donations to pay for the WORK?!


So why is VIRTUAL British space any different to real-world British territory?

You mean, we have to leave people to starve and professional begging results in a stretch in some slammer for most people daring to ask for monetary assistance in the streets at least.

– or actually, anyone looking well-enough-off can go round town or city-centre asking to ‘just borrow’ off strangers in the street for any old ‘igloo’ reason but look a bit scruffy and you gonna kicked when down by many, objected to even being in existence by a ‘good’ many more – and anyone in genuine need can be arrested for asking or even for accepting any help offered.

Just because in America and Asia and wherever else BEGGING professionally is allowable and appears to be an acceptable NORM does that make it OK in the UK? Professional begging gets the ‘underclass’* IMPRISONED – *as we tend to be term(inat)ed by British government and resultant social effects of media hype and spin.

We Brits, and maybe people of every place,  need to take on board and remember Frank Zappa’s advice to the audience at his last ever performance in Prague in 1991 to “keep your country unique” – I mean here in the UK we’ve got political pushes for sexual exploitation to be made more acceptable, for the age of consent to be lowered (so that not realising a child wasn’t quite fourteen or younger can be ‘debatable’), surrogacy has been legalised and so lives are devalued and children are fodder for profiteers and all other kinds of profound societal regressions are apparently all well and good?

And well off people earning a bit extra on their professional blogging sites can go get stuffed for buying their own coffee and cake cos they regurgitate enough and we don’t all manage ways of having shoddy PayPal! (I’d love to see how good and legit the BloggingU course is for running a ‘pro’ website but that’ll get me in trouble with da boss!)

P.S. It’s probably not what the Guardian means by this support or contribute call to action and I do understand the issues of revenue AND that all kinds of writers are probably worth much more than the probably very little they’re being paid –  but this is the best I can do right now…