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I should’ve been back here last weekend but the trains were rumoured to be dreadful and I couldn’t afford wasting more money on tickets that never get refunded.

Long stories are barely worth telling.

Luckily I managed a lift and surprisingly haven’t had to wait several hours sitting on the doorstep waiting to get let in.

Someone’s not ever so happy and it’s so reminding of those early warnings NOT to use WordPress for original content. But that was along with other shoddy professional gnittergnatter so why should anyone listen to qualified advice? I mean you’ve only ever gotta need legal help in Britain to find out professionals are only ever thinking of their own pockets! Nevermind the Law???

Anyway, nevermind long stories. I’ll be getting some shut-eye on a garden chair soon and helping someone get their porridge* before dinner-time if she ever stops banging her head against a brick wall waiting for an update button to unlock apparently and for an uploaded photo to fly back into her media library. NB- she knows it’s not her good neighbour Sarah so that’s something 🙂 (well, not porridge-proper, just ready-brek-type-stuff cos there might not be a pan and she melted the caravan hob! And i’m not washing-up first either – looks like there’s been a right gaggle of geese round not helping enough as usual!)

Apparently I’ve got to buy either a camera or a mobile phone to safeguard my writing here? Nah, daft nana, just need this dino. And we’ve gotta sort stuff better. Some writers, like Colleen, won’t go anywhere near the internet AND how you ever get to sustain life ‘as a writer’ believing the publishing industry is criminal and refusing point blank to submit anything ever anywhere is beyond some of us. But then if you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have an inheritance enough to survive without welfare or barely any work and sustain an impoverished existence for the rest of a lifetime. Well, that takes character!

I have to confess I’ve been too busy for ‘notebooking’ and so have nothing new to add.