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Yeah today’s weather photos are disappointing compared to yesterday’s snaps! How long you gonna keep that window open waiting to see if you can update that post yet?

Maybe the update lock is a helpful hint to keep it as a photopost and just link to yesterday’s photo in a new post? Dunno why it would have dropped out of the media library there though… just upload it again? crikey technology’s sposed to make life easier not be forcing you to redo effort put in already! Life’s never fair – nor was the weather where i was either. … maybe you should’ve stuck with your ‘screenshots only’ policy after all?

I’m looking forward to British Summer Time and can’t wait for our country to modernise and abolish this outdated practise! Apparently in the U.S. springing forward takes place this Sunday morning. In the U.K. we hold back until the last Sunday of March. Anyway, yesterday’s skies were beautifully bright and sunny but today’s were back to grey and drizzly.

These snaps were taken just before midday, Friday 10th March 2017, Nottingham, UK. Linking to SkywatchFriday.

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