My ex might be a bitch with catty friends but she ain’t ever so clever. Clueless, a bit and only that bad under bad influence of some cajoling cow in particular and couple of motherf***ers calling ’emselves ‘petal’ and ‘piglet’ or some other such nicely does it nonsense. Or whatever. However my friend could be hounded by a serial identity theft and fraudster culprit and I keep hearing about odd stuff going on with the wifi here.No idea m’sen, but…

This isn’t right either:

facebook anomaly 11032017seen0702

When I chose my pen-name ‘Stuart Mullen’ I checked thoroughly enough that there was no-one in the writing business using that name and no hobbyist amateur writers returning in searches either.

I’m not a published writer of anything other than what I’ve published here on WordPress. I don’t have  a Facebook account. I have a twitter account made collaboratively on behalf of my ‘artistic friend’ when we were playing with some obviously stupid ideas.There is now a ‘stuart mullen’ twitter, apparently since 2009 BUT it didn’t return previously AND i won’t be wanting a twitter account for this pen-name anyway! But I am in no way associated with that twitter account nor the potentially bogus* fundraising campaign being led by one of that account’s followers. (*It could be ‘bogus’ if one of my friend’s hounders** is dragging me via my pen-name into their targeted criminal activities/revenge campaign). Hopefully it’s all above board and just one of those funny coincidences and probably nothing to worry about. (**one said hounder is well-known for ripping off fundraising efforts!)

I’ve not been on Facebook while using the computer this session and don’t understand why that Facebook window is now in the recent browser display cos I don’t think it was there when I switched on the dino.

Safety in numbers – maybe time to do another search … except it’s time to get off and grab coffee and wake her upstairs in a while cos it’s been ever so quiet … she must’ve nodded, off!