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I was a bit fed up here when my admin changes got undone. I’ve ignored Stu at my door three times now, as per tradition, for being slightly F-d off with some post or another. Somewhere else. Hence he has had no blogging access and serves him right for only choosing to borrow my desktop area to take on some tekkie inputs and not getting on with it from elsewhere. When he returns, hopefully with Colleen in tow, he can get on and practise putting it back somehow himself. Not my turn!

Guess they’re all crowded up with latest gadgets and babysitting and dogminding isn’t conjusive to clacking at keys like some old henny penny nor turkey lurkey. Maybe their dino there drew its last breath. In the other there they apparently have a techo-aversion problem. I’m going to have to trek off myself one of these days and check it out. A retreat sounds quite lovely. hopefully there’s still a village shop within three miles and it’ll still sell a pen or pencil and a notepad, envelopes and stamps. Thankfully the sky hasn’t been falling down. At least not here. But I have just missed our own mobile shop, surprised I heard the beep from here.

How’s Slo-Po going?

Personal Tech-impairments were a setback. Resolved with one super-spiralling-staircase-laden-draping over -and-under-till-here-then-there-netcable. Aah. It goes more comfortably now… I’ll even be able to sit at the end of the yard in the sunshine when we have some warm enough dry enough weather. But only if I dare risk carrying the darned laptop down the stairs and out the door. I could have hooked it to my (short) cable before now if I had been prepared to risk that journey that way. Maybe I just need a padded bag. Some might say a padded cell… but some people are just like that, perhaps projecting their own dire need…

So anyway, I can listen, again,  just now, to some old recordings from 1974, thanks to John Levy and UPenn – sounds as fresh as the day… if you’ve an hour and a half for listening with Cid Corman…


If you’ve been studying ‘The Tortoise’, you might enjoy Corman’s reading of it at approx. 56minutes into the audio, although I recommend listening all through to any of Pennsounds audio that might take your fancy.

I also discovered, through these meanderings around Cid Corman’s poetry, the ‘significant British Modernist’, poet Basil Bunting (link to wikipedia), though I can’t remember how I came to discover him via Corman but I found Bunting’s poem, Chomei at Toyama (Poetry Foundation link) with mention of Kyoto, fascinating. I wonder how I’ve never heard of Basil Bunting previously. Perhaps Northumberland is too northerly and low-class for (UK) formalists liking and so he seems easily ignored. I’ve been ignorant of all these marvellous American poets too, until stumbling open the potentials for learning in online community settings via moocs. (thank goodness for America!)

I maybe should try folding in to the mix some OpenLearn course materials. I have floundered in there trying to study poetry previously. Nothing like losing yourself in and with poetry! Yes, my grammar is necessarily incorrect. While I am speaking… whiling away listening… my notes here are lacking. ‘Must try harder’ often made an entry to my report card. I’m sure I will never be alone in that handed-down-condemnation.

I’m still not sure about my capacity for returning for the requested daily posting here. Maybe. If I can get ahead some. and maybe if the Grandmaster snailshoos (stu!) get back and puts in some effort his’sen…