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The trouble with travelling virtually, is, that I agreed to post some Slo-Po reflection notes here once or twice a week for my friend(s) and myself to share. Someone else suggests daily would be better. And wonders why I’ve still not done my Dickinson essay at PPP. That’s because I’ve not got tround to rewriting it as an essay instead of what looked to fellow learners like ‘just a list’. That was a fair comment, but there was a lot to say in MUST be less than 800 words! And having to expound on 9 bucketsful of rain drops is quite an unusual challenge promt too. But never mind. There’s a hole in my bucket…!

Yet again, caught in  a time-warp of … another time and space; then again… when I reshuffle my stuff, it’ll be a lot easier to chillax and get something together better! I made a start last week with Cid Corman and even wrote a poem! I had a fun time with a close reading first and it made such a difference cos that poem just had to get itself onto any page at all – just happened to make a nice digi-collage. Also elsewhere.