Private posts are the way to go with this… maybe… and publish an extract from my ‘rough notes’… reluctant to start posting daily at PitterPatterPoetry while I have to go away again soon for days at a time… trouble is, I’m ending up with such a backlog of ‘just-type-it-in…’ and not enough time to do it while still posting current on the day stuff while I snatch an hour or less at my computer!

…and to resolve… the inconsistency of not being around to post every day? scheduled posts? get some ahead from old prompts? catch-up posts as pages?

…and what to do or say here in the meantime?

Extracts from rough notes free-writing…

From todays threewordsaday prompt:

I need to be a fighter, get back on track but with change in the air there’ll be no going back fortune and circumstance odds stacked and jampacked – I can’t play this game and I can’t cut the slack…


Maybe this month entirely changes

Around Spring’s game play entrance

Round and about this beaten track – well

Chance would be a fine thing!

Haplesslyand hopefully hereonin…


Others may appear, all out of time, all in good time… March On…