Way back in time, longer back than I can believe, I was asked to give Snailzpace Daily a visual revamp – including potentially a change of theme. I still haven’t gotten around to it. Part of the trouble is that changing a theme always has impacts on your blog that you haven’t anticipated.

Stu uses this space as a ‘rough-workbook-type-blog’ and that is all he wants from it. If the blog has a theme change he still wants something that’s a lot like this one. I almost made a test blog to try out some ideas but it’s an awful lot of wasted time if it’s not the right change to make…



There’s plenty on this admin to do list to keep him busy when he gets back too! I’m not sure I’ll have time to do much here, I’ve loads to get on with over at mine!

There’s only one other blog I’ve comes across that’s using the Chateau theme differently enough for the theme not to be …’oh, another one of them…’ I only realised yesterday, after several months of visiting, that it is the Chateau theme.

So many blogs using Chateau seem to stick with the default fonts, default background and sometimes even have very little unique visual identity to distinguish them from other blogs using the same theme. That can probably be said of a lot of blogs and themes, though a header can make a big difference, sometimes it isn’t enough. (A new header here has been on the cards for ages, but I didn’t get around it enough…)

So, little by little I’ve decided to simply try out the customisation options. I post here for my blogging friend and now I’ve altered the background colour and base font I might actually get around to reading some, one of these days.

So expect a few small changes while I’m playing with the other customisation options. The current choice of base font is fine until you reach the calendar, and then I hate it!

I’ve no idea what Stu will make of any progress being better than none… but he knows how to change stuff back! At least I’m not likely to break anything (not changing theme!)  He’s not here trying to post and so I’m not having to worry about his receiving visitors during work-in-progress…

Don’t worry, I’m not really here posting in the early hours, for once, I’ve gone off to sleep early. This is scheduled so I don’t have to do it tomorrow and can play with more changes  a little…