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Light as a feather, this thought floating down states

why make my rhyme? I’m not a couplet you clown!

Distinguishing texture stands out from the crowd

of soggy old leaves, stones and twigs on the floor

– outstretched aloud rhyming, my quill, quite irate

plainly refusing to catch up in a breeze, no other

escape heaves heavy sighs, refuses and seethes

‘I’m light as a feather  and will write no more!’


I don’t have time now to sort that better – usually they fall out neat and ready -mostly in rhyme, but today’s feather is awkward and requires some crafting to capture its’ thought…

Past-Prompt #0025 can be found here, (day 3 of 2013), with the prompt words (now to them picking themselves, three from five), dogwood, locked, feather, outstretched, distinguishing,  at threewordsaday challenge site.