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Don’t worry, my poem below isn’t based on a current romance but is a reflective satirical fiction loosely based on my ex (which is why I use a pen-name to blog and write!)

From todays prompt:

Faulty forty somethings forty flowers faulty gumboots

Toots a not so faulty trumpet while for daffodils you’ll lump-it

Armpits dripping like a leaking tap the service here is wholly crap

Strapped now for buying flowers when I could’ve just picked ours

Scoured for a good bunch but I want to bring you lunch also

Although you’re never grateful in fact you can really be quite hateful…


(copyright, mine of course – Stuart Mullen 2016)

NB: I need to revive Pitter Patter Poetry. I started my poetry blog there on March 1st 2015. It seems I’m back in a poetry frame of mind often when I write here, having previously had a phase of exhaustion for taking eork, and barely making sense it seems, when I look back here.

So, my guestblogger ffriend has some kind do your own leap thing for Leap day, seven days away. Mine will bethat from next Monday, I’ll be posting my threewordsaday poem over to revive PPP. Makes more sense for poetry to be posted on my poetry blog, this was only ever meant as a rough writing space, workbook type blog.

I don’t know what I might post here every day instead – or even if it will be every day. I’ve also offered my guestblogger a get-out clause if she wishes to take it – she can trade her free wifi for some real writing once in a while if she likes, rather than rough notes for my benefit that she’s doing now. If you enjoy her rough note quotes post feel free to let her know 🙂

Many thanks Colette for all your efforts and even keeping my blog going while I was AWOL 🙂 cheers, carry on as you wish… ‘your leap your way’ (just came back to me!) Catchy!

For this week, it should be same as usual, with changes taking effect from Leap Day, 29th Feb – next Monday!