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Andres Segovia, Spanish musician (1893-1987):

…music is like the ocean, and the instruments are little or bigger islands, very beautiful for the flowers and trees.


French poet, Raymond Queneau (1903-1976):

Religions tend to disappear with man’s good fortune.


English poet, W.H.Auden, (1907-1973):

Music is the best means we have of digesting time.


Other birthdays today include Anais Nin, Robert Mugabe, Nina Simone, Jilly Cooper, Alan Rickman, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Charlotte Church.

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On this day, in 1437, Scotland’s King James I was assasinated; in 1804, at the Pen-y-Darren Ironworks in Wales, the steam locomotive made its first journey; in 1842, the first U.S. patent for a sewing machine was granted to John Greenough; in 1925 the first issue of ‘New Yorker’ was published and in 1948, NASCAR was incorporated.