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This self-led challenge is inspired by

(T is taking a hiatus at the moment, and I just realised this event just had its one year anniversary – we were in the blogging201 WordPress class when T came up with this event idea. There’s loads of good stuff to read in the archives over there for now, until she returns… and there’s no reason not to join in and take a step…)

So, I set out here, last week…

Every Thursday I will set a goal to take at least one step in extending my writing practise.


I’ll then have a week to do whatever till the next week’s next step. This week’s journey begins again, one step at a time… whether creating new material, or reworking earlier drafts…

Earlier this evening, I posted a taste of last week’s efforts (flash fiction, 175 words, a story starter perhaps…) and I just announced my next picture prompt, pic-step prompt #2.

This week’s specific goal, is to at least double my free-writing efforts; I also want to pay some attention to excercises I outlined for myself last week, the resulting attempts at some and look again at those not yet tackled. I have to work out if I’m continuing the story idea that’s muddling along now, or trying to write something seperate from previous ideas… we’ll see. What I do know is that for me, it must NOT be poetry and definitely not more rhyme or rhyming couplets! Whatever step you choose to take is entirely up to you – do you fancy a challenge?