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I wiped up my religion

to polish to a shine

a sparsely decorated faith

yet faith that is still mine.

I excercise the right to choose

to stray from safer paths –

I believe in a creator

who will be no god of wraths.

I do not worship idols

and the Bible tells me so,

to me that’s how your God appears

so I won’t ‘believe’, whoa, no!

The Bible is a good book,

compiled by sometimes  evil powers,

so I cannot take it at its’ Word

and still that right is ours.

I certainly respect your choice,

while free to make my own –

you may never yet convince me

there must be God at Heaven’s throne.


Past-Prompt #0020 can be found here, with the prompt words (now to them picking themselves, three from five), religion, excercise, wiped, sparsely, disparaging at threewordsaday challenge site.