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American historian, (b. 1838, d. 27th March, 1918), Henry Adams:

All experience is an arch to build upon.


Scottish writer, Iain Banks (b. 1954-d. 9th June 2013):

By the usual reckoning, the worst books make the best films.


Motorcycle racer and sports personality, b.1979, Italian Valentino Rossi:

Riding a race bike is an art – a thing that you do because you feel something inside.


Other birthdays today include Otis Blackwell, Kim Jong II, Eckhart Tolle and IceT.

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On this day, in 1646, the last major battle of the English Civil War was fought in Devon; in 1874, the silver dollar became legal US tender; in 1962, about 60,000 homes were destroted and 315 lives lost due to flooding around West Germany’s coastline; and the first ever computer Bulletin Board System was created in Chicago, US, on this day in 1978.