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From todays prompt:

Escalating the State’s public health drive

The year is 2036. I made my way to the city for the second of my permitted bi-annual shopping visits. Life is changing beyond recognition, year in, year out. I am surprised we are still allowed something of Christmas at all. Government has total intrusive and punative control of individual lives. Compliance is the only option.

I am sixty seven years old and already weakened and frail – yet the State determines that old age and frailty are not reached until the 75th year of life. Most of us are dying long before we see sight of that birthday approaching. I shrug and assume to count my blessings.

My pass excludes me from Zones 1 and 2, I cannot afford anything there – not even a cup of coffee! It beguiles me that these areas encircle our city’s great institutions and public buildings, although generally the art galleries are no longer free to enter and require a special access request, however much wealth one has acquired. Demand exceeds potential, apparently and we are all a security risk. The general public may take a virtual tour, providing they are granted intranet access.

I have made my way through the largest zone 4 store, past all those things for which I have no need. My essential items are on the fourth floor, so I wind my way past the cackling hens between the aisles, toward the escalator.

I stop dead in my tracks at a sign that states: “Do not attempt to mount without a permission slip, to escalate is otherwise forbidden. Please use the stairs. If you are 75years or older, please walk 200metres to your nearest customer service desk where your access will be granted providing you have correct identity-data”…

I don’t quite know where that rough idea came from, politics generally probably and of course the prompt words that just like to write themselves out anyway they choose…