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If I could entertain myself,

by becoming invisible,

where would my first port of call be

and I would I play up awful?

I could sneak behind your curtains,

paint a picture on the glass,

to bemuse your nearest neighbours

and any other who should pass.

Or I could leave you flowers,

upon your table in the hall –

except I would not wish to worry you

for any good reason at all.

So why be Mr Nobody,

the one to blame, but no-one sees –

why even entertain such thoughts,

Mr Mischief is so not me!


Past-Prompt #0017 can be found here, with the prompt words (now to them picking themselves, three from five), entertain, double, tub, sneak, invisible at threewordsaday challenge site.

I’m sure I’ve maybe been influenced in this by a fairly recent Daily Prompt too…