Hope you had / are having a Happy Day 🙂

I’m avoiding V.D., like the plague! (oops, should clarify, Valentine’s Day, that is…there I had to use the words… of course I’m avoiding the other too, aren’t we all!)

Of course I do hope that if Valentine’s Day is important to you, that you had a very enjoyable day 🙂

As always, thanks to artist Penny Redshaw and to Motivating Giraffe for bringing Snailzpace Daily a splash of colour and motivation, some extra resolve and lighting the way forward, via the Sunday Special Reblog series of archival reblogs. (This post is from November 2015). Do please pay Motivating Giraffe a visit to see the latest, and drop a personal thanks somewhere there if you enjoy these posts 🙂

Motivating Giraffe

if the world seems cold

(Lucy Larcom)

For a week where the world is feeling awfully cold..

Also, the new book is available for preorder here. I’m hoping to get them sometime next week!

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