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I extend my warmest gratitudes,

as you unwrap my token gift –

I’m grateful, that your attitude

is to appreciate my thrift.

I could not bring you flowers,

but love blossoms in the heart;

now our meal-time won’t take hours,

– this menu, drawn of art –

begins in bringing a single can

to a wholesome and fruitful conclusion.

Finally, I make my planned

response, in ready fusion.


Past-Prompt #0016 can be found here, with the prompt words (now to them picking themselves, three from five), extend, unwrap, merry, note, collection at threewordsaday challenge site. Menu was not on my prompt word list! it’s from today’s prompt – so I mixed up a bit and have only two actual prompt-words in my poem, instead of three – so there’s something to resolve another time! Never mind…