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Sometimes described as ‘a gentleman naturalist’, English scientist and philosopher, Charles Darwin, (1809-1882):

If the misery of the poor are caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.


German artist, Max Beckmann (1884-1950):

I am seeking for the bridge that leans from the visible to the invisible through reality.


American author, Judy Blume, (b. 1938), 78 years old today:

A good writer is always a people watcher.


Other birthdays to day include English composer, Thomas Campion (1567-1620); American theologian, Cotton Mather (1663-1728); the sixteenth president of the USA, Abraham Lincoln, (1809-1865) and actress and voice actress, Tara Strong (b.1973).

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On this day, in England in 1554, Lady Jane Grey was beheaded for treason; and in 1993, two year old James Bulger was abducted from a shopping centre, and murdered. In 1994, Edvard Munch’s painting ‘The Scream’ was stolen from the National Gallery of Norway;