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From todays prompt:

A Haiku


make for the bonsai
soon discover therapy’s
mine wonder cover


That’s still a bit choppy rhymey not quite right*

I’ll look at it again maybe, perhaps, another night

It really does annoy me when my keys revert to rhymes!

and every line harks on and onward chimes –

well, first I wrote a nonsense poem, Christian Bok inspired

and I could not believe that even it insists to rhyme –

so then fell out that haiku, so I’m leaving that, instead,

and so this one down, one on the win’d, and all the things best left unsaid.

*The haiku might not seem quite right BUT it does make two seperate sentences (line 1&2, line2&3, just to remin dmyself of that ‘rule’), as well as one complete sentence.