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Every now and then I find myself thinking about the Take-A-Step Thursday – usually not on the right day to do just do something spontaneous for the event.! I sometimes have posted something, only very occasionally. I thought about it again today – I do like to stretch myself – and I decided to approach it differently:

Every Thursday I will set a goal to take at least one step in extending my writing practise.


I’ll then have a week to do whatever till the next week’s next step.

This week’s journey begins, one step at a time…

whether creating new material, or reworking previous writing …


This week, to go easy on myself, I’m setting the challenge of finding a picture I’d like to use as a prompt. That’s all I have to do today, but over the next week I’ll try writing some ideas out from it and post at least one response at my creative writing blog (by Thursday). Then start the process again – and tiny steps count, hopefully not setting myself up to fail.

So off to find a picture prompt#1!

Take-A-Step Thursday

(Thistles seems to be having a hiatus at the moment, but there’s loads of good stuff to read in the archives for now, until she returns…)