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I shrink back, as so seems the land, as the waves crash to the shore.

I look back at my slated roof, and wonder at Nature’s force.

Once the garden, twice its length, stretched back toward the cliff,

but the sea seems to devour it and in devastating drift where once

there was a cockle path now pounds the foaming waters –

and when my house is swallowed up what happens to my mortgage?


NB: Fictional poemso are plenty of my other poems(!) However, this subject is harsh fact for some around Britain’s coastline – I don’t live by the sea and I don’t have a mortgate to worry about, although year on year the earth is slowly devouring my rented home by way of subsidence … though the earth will probably swallow me whole before it finishes the house…

Past-Prompt #0011 can be found here, with the prompt words (now to pick three from five), meat, slated, television, shrink, land, at threewordsaday challenge site. I didn’t really choose my words, they chose me, as usual. So, I’ll save meat and television for some other spare words for another spare time… maybe… just please let there be some escape from forever rhyming couplets?!