Day by Day 3words Xtra (0007)


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A prose poem:
I strain to think, refrain and blink then at first glimpse I can’t believe… I glance again, with widened eyes, look on, and then rethink, reframe, restrain my negativity -pick up my pen to end this quarrel in apologies and heartfelt sorrows. Yet I won’t send it, you won’t read; you’d maybe glance and then procede to rip it up and throw it out – of such disdain I have no doubt. When will this rift then be appeased? There’s nothing I can do to please, no way to make you listen.

Past-Prompt #0007 can be found here, with the prompt words, restrain, glance, quarrel, at threewordsaday challenge site.



About Stu

Stu's the name I go by (pen name, Stuart Mullen :) I'm a UK (Midlands) hobbyist blogger, on a learning and personal development mission, attempting to improve workability ...In the real world, I'm a part-time general light-duty dogsbody and part-time poet and writer of fiction (taking the long view naturally; don't expect any woo-hoo news from me for quite some time yet...I'm a snail, and in no rush...:)

1 thought on “Day by Day 3words Xtra (0007)”

  1. I have no idea why the formatting has gone to a vertical right-justified presentation of a post written in prose without all those line breaks – maybe it’ll display correctly all on its own – or maybe it looks better that way?


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