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(Quote source: Brainyquote.com)

American computer scientist, Ken Thompson (b. 1943):

“I am a programmer.” and “You can’t trust code that you did not totally create yourself.” and perhaps even, but maybe not “It’s always good to take an orthogonal view of something. It develops ideas.”*

*In that third quotation attributed to Ken Thompson, it may be a correctly cited quotation. Orthogonal means right-angled, in geometry, or statistically independent and something to do with vectors – generally a mathematical term. Even so, there is also the possibility that it’s a quotation of the other Ken Thompson**

**British gardening journalist and plant biologist (not listed at wiki but the UK’s Telegraph newspaper should be a trustworthy source when referring to someone on their staff). 

Some of the Ken Thompson quotes at brainyquote.com clearly derive from a gardening man(!) They happen to be the very quotes I would have chosen except it is unlikely that plant-biologist Ken also has his birthday today and these posts are exclusively quotations of people on the day of their birthday(!)

Of course, there’s no reason why a computer scientist might not also be enjoying gardening and writing books about bio-diversity and so be the source of such quotation topics. At Brainyquote.com, Ken Thompson is listed simply as ‘Scientist’ – which is true for both these Ken Thompsons – but a very broad and general term for two very different specialist fields.

If this is all there is , quote-wise, to this (scheduled) post, then I’ve taken the day off – gardening leave, you could call it.

Other birthdays today include Natalie Umbruglia, Alice Cooper, Rosa Parks, George A. Romero, Norman Wisdom, Charles Lindbergh, Ugo Betti, and Fernand Leger.

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On this day in 2004, Facebook was founded (ad.lib: and how did anyone ever manage without it?)

Today is also World Cancer Day, a global campaign for awareness and action.