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Past-Prompt #0004 can be found here, at threewordsaday challenge site.

Today’s inspiring words are budget, maps, nomination

My nomination was some surprise, I’d open the letter with tired, bleary eyed bill-anticipation – read through three times in shocked agitation. Who’d be so daft as to put forward my name, for a weeklong event at extreme survival games? Why would I wish to take part in this challenge? My health’s in no state for enduring such damage! My budget won’t stretch to a cross-country voyage – I should have stopped there and paid no more heed, but on I continued, forgetting somewhere to be. Increasingly irate,  for entertaining such whim, I reached for my maps, to find no such place. A hoax – gosh I’m dim! Well, thank goodness for that!

Maybe one day I’ll make a better prose poem of this effort, but there it is for now…