In my previous post, the world ‘doublets’ fell out during my writing. I thought it was a kind of protective garment – I seem to remember it from a brief spell of fencing lessions for P.E. in school. After checking the meaning, very briefly, at the first google search result page, I gathered it’s a literary term as well as a renaissance / Scottish upper garment. It may also have the meaning I assumed. Anyway, I then changed whatever two words I had before ‘doublets’ to ‘chain-mail doublets’, to make it carry the meaning I intended. it may still be an item of protective clothing, I’ve not looked into it that far.

Anyway, taking a breather between my writing challenges, I steered back to that search result page.

Doublets are what those word puzzles are called, where you start with one word and repeating the word underneath it, change just one letter to make a different word, continuing until it makes the final word in the list.

You can play that puzzle game here, if you want to lose a few minutes stretching your brain function… although it only has three and four letter puzzles so might be too easy for you. Good one for kids and big kids like me though, maybe… there are probably other puzzle and word game sites and I might look out for some another time…

If you can recommend any puzzle sites or web-based ‘brain-training’ type activities, please let me know in the comments.

Back to another writing challenge…