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Happy 60th Birthday to musician and celebrity (ex-Sex Pistol) John Lydon:

“…because of the way British society is, I was denied an education, so I got one of my own.”

“I always knew the Sixties wasn’t a revolution. It really was just a bunch of university students with wealthy parents having fun.”

and “I’d rather give up my ears than my eyes, which might sound unusual for a  musician.”

and “Rules are important, but they’re temporary and they’re always supposed to be changed.”

Other birthdays remembered today include: composers Franz Schubert and Philip Glass, poet Bernard Barton, dancer Ana Pavlova, and pop-star Justin Timberlake…

Find facts about 31st January at wiki such as:

On this day in British history, in 1606, Guy Fawkes was executed for plotting to blow up Parliament; in 1747, the first venereal clinic opened at London Lock Hospital and in 1953 a North Sea flood killed over 300 people in the UK, (with over 1800 deaths in the Netherlands caused by that event).

Elsewhere in the world, on this day, in 1990, the first Soviet Union branch of McDonalds opened; in 1971, the moon mission Appollo 14 launched; in 1930 the first marketing campaign for Scotch tape began and in 1929 the Soviet Union exiled Leon Trotsky.