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(Quotes source: Brainyquote.com)

Today’s selection are all American, all contemporary and all female…

Poet, born this day in 1901 (died 2nd Sep.1991), Laura Riding:

“Poetry brings all possible experience to the same degree: a degree in the consciousness beyond which the consciousness itself cannot go.”

Born in 1933, (died 28th Dec.2004), writer Susan Sontag:

“The only interesting answers are those that destroy the questions.”

Celebrating her 61st birthday, Mary Karr, born this day in 1955:

“I’m doomed to act like myself, even when it’s inconvenient!”

Sticking with the all female theme (though don’t ask me why..) , other birthdays today include Aaliyah, Kate Moss, Sade Adu, Barbara Lynn and Dian Fossey.

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