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(Quotes source: Brainyquote.com)

Musician / film-maker Rob Zombie (born 1966): “Great things come out of being hungry and cold. Once you’re pampered, you get lazy.”

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami (born 1949) : “There’s no such thing as perfect writing, just as there’s no such thing as perfect despair.”

American artist John Singer Sargent (born 1856, died 14th April 1925): “Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend.”

Other birthdays today include philosophers James Mark Baldwin (1861-?), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (b.1917, died 5th Feb, 2008); novelist Jack London (1876-1916); psychologist Alice Miller (b.1923, d. 14th April, 2010) and the French father of fairytales, Charles Perrault (b. 1628, died 16th May 1703) and Perrault’s 388th anniversary of the day he was born is featured as today’s google doodle. (Why say 388th birthday? It would be only if he were still alive today…)

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