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Welcome to the second weekly post for ‘Quotes from writers born this day’ with birthdays between 4th and 10th January.

Born 4th January, 1883 (died 25th March, 1969), American author, Max Eastman: “The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness.”

Born 5th January, 1921, (died 15th December, 1990), Swiss author Friedrich Durrenmatt: “Human life is beyond comprehension.”

Born 6th January, 1878 (died 22nd July, 1967), American poet Carl Sandburg: “Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep.”

Born 7th January, 1925, (died 30th January, 1995), English writer Gerald Durrell: “A house is not a home until it has a dog.”

Born 8th January, 1942, Stephen Hawking, English physicist and author: “There is no unique picture of reality.”

Born 9th January, 1937, American writer Joseph Epstein:“We know the ideal isn’t where the action is.”

Born 10th January, 1928, (died 14th February, 2015), American  poet Philip Levine: “…I keep writing about the ordinary because for me it’s the home of the extraordinary, the only home.”

The quote for Gerald Durrell was found at goodreads.com, all other quotes from Brainyquote.com

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