…wasn’t at all dull … did I / you think (how many times?) ‘…I would rather…’

Actually, writing ‘Winter being moderate made Christmas rather dull…’ might be true on the weatherfront, but it also makes it more reliable for travel arrangements, so Christmas wasn’t dull at all. I wonder sometimes I should add the tag ‘fiction’ even to poems, where it might seem appropriate.

Christmas rather…continues until twelfth day… another few days yet…

A welcome blogging tip, to pre-load media with interesting general stuff adds a layer of serendipity to posts. The poem I wrote earlier found itself already had a good image to go with it that I’d sourced and uploaded with a batch yesterday. So really pleased with less trawl / headache 🙂

Who shouted “‘serendipity’ prompt”, is it an overused buzzword and why pity at the end?



pic from pixabay.com