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Commenting (face-to-face) on Stu’s latest threewordsaday-challenge response post, I wondered aloud whether the prompt words might make a good set of quote prompts. Hence I have now been challenged to start immediately and continue from here, posting a set of quotes using the previous day’s challenge… (you can see the latest threewordsaday prompts here)

Today’s prompt words (from yesterday) are: new, year, chaos, process, entertained. I already posted a New Year quote, so I have the last three words to work with here:

CHAOS: “I accept chaos, I’m not sure if it accepts me.” Bob Dylan.

PROCESS: “Education, therefore, is a process of living, not a preparation for future living.” John Dewey.

ENTERTAINED: “Most people don’t care if you’re telling them the truth, or if you’re telling them a lie, as long as they’re entertained by it.” Tom Waits.

(Quotes sourced at Brainyquote.com)