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https://pathwayhalfwayhome.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/introducing-uncertainty/ My very first post at Snailzpace Daily (may have been ‘Homeward Bound’ at that point?)

Titled ‘in the very short term, general goals’ – but the slug is ‘introducing uncertainty’, so I must have revised that original title. Maybe trying to be more positive (and less realistic, the first would have been more true).

I’d started this as a new blog to take the Blogging201 workshops – I’d already been blogging at another practise blog for all of twenty days or so. It would have maybe been easier to stick with just one blog, but the first was intended for a specific project that also hasn’t materialised in line with ‘general goals’.  Anyway, I’d felt the need for another space and to start afresh, in a different way and for another purpose.

I learnt an awful lot during the Blogging201 class, and definitely benefitted from more interaction with the blogging community , but it was a bit of a whirlwind and seemed very fast-paced for my snailzpaced and scatter-brained level. I’d definitely benefit from a refresher of those practise activities we were assigned for the course, but I won’t be signing up again in the near future – too many catch-ups from previous issues of these courses – other life priorities too. So, in my own time at my own pace… maybe tagging along a bit in the Reader at appropriate points too.

 It’s also probably long beyond time to pay New Year’s visits to some of my old favourite blogs that I’ve still not seen in ages in spite of trying to catch up with for ages.

photo from behind the audience at a small rock concert, silhouetted against a blurry orange background, the band blurred, in the foreground a hand reaches up as if holding a glowing ball of light and the overwritten message saying out with 2015 and welcoming in 2016...Ringing in the Changes ... Happy New Year!

Typography added by stu06bloc9; Image credit: unsplash, found at pixabay.com

continued in my next post…