It may not be a local issue, but it’s only natural to wish to pay respectful tribute to those lost and others affected by tragedy.

s o F a r S o S t u

I was shocked earlier this evening to learn, almost twenty-four hours after, of the terrorist atrocities in Paris that had occurred yesterday evening. I’d seen the black ribbon on google, read the hover text and wrongly assumed it had already been a year since the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Of course, I realise now that those attacks were in January.

I was about to read some blogs toward a link-up post, the first one I came to in the blogging101 reader tag revealed the news:

I’ve felt quite stunned and lost for words since learning of these latest events, attributed to ISIS. I wonder what our world will become in light of these attacks. What will it mean to be ‘A global society’ and can we possibly actually have such a thing? Does it always have to be ‘us and them’ in one region or another throughout our history…

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