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From todays prompt:

How unfair life can seem when you’re still a child. I remember back to the days when my mother brought my sister and I comics each week. I had Look-In, Roy of the Rovers, Dandy, Beano, Victor (not all of those every week but over time). My sister always borrowed my comics and loved reading mine as well as hers. She had things like Blue Jeans and Bunty and I can remember the names of those two though I didn’t read them. There was nothing in silly girlie comics for me to read! She would tease me and offer to share them in return for sharing mine with her. She said it’d help me get a girlfriend if I understood girls better!

While I was still young enough to be churlish about sharing, it always seemed like my sister got more than me because she had the benefit of double the reading. My mother would show me that she spent exactly the same on both of us and if ever there was a difference we’d get that in coins because my mum always insisted we got exactly the same so there’d never be these kind of silly arguments. In the end, I’d get priority telly choices if there was any dispute over which channel to watch, or get to choose pudding or any other small way to level the balance. ‘Yes you can read my comic if…’