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(Source: Brainyquotes.com)

Arthur Miller: “Man must shape his tools lest they shape him.”

Alan Garner: “There is no problem that the intellect cannot solve, but it never had an orginal thought. Originality is the realm of the unconscious.”

Gary Zukav: “Everyone wants to learn the same thing from painful situations: how to avoid repeating them.”

I can’t resist bending the usual rules of my post a little today and including a quote from Eminem, undoubtedly the greatest writer of my lifetime and also born today so “Yo! happy birthday!” (I’d wish ‘Many Happy Returns’ but that’d have to be a joke, right 🙂 He’d surely love this poetic parody that Stu wrote earlier this year in writing201:poetry – I was noseying around the archive comparing with the current presentation for that course as I’ve just been taking the newer presentation of 201poetry – and I’m so jealous of your poem Stu, I wish it were one of mine!)

Eminem: “Anybody with a sense of humour is going to put on my album and laugh from beginning to end.”

(the above quote was also sourced from Brainyquotes.com)