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At the time of writing, today’s prompt hasn’t yet been posted. However, I had two sets of 14 unused prompt words from each of the previous two weeks. I’ve drawn three words from each: many, bring, from & order, afraid, remote. From those six words I’ll shake up and draw three to write from now, then check for today’s prompt again tomorrow.

Remote from many, although I’m not deliberately reclusive, in my ‘spare time’, I spend much of my time alone. I seem to have so little in common with friends these days. Do I want to go fishing? It’s a bit cold and damp, I sold my kit months ago. No thanks. A trip to the pub, game of pool? Not this weekend, I’m shattered. (Actually I’m skint and taking unpaid time off in another week to recuperate, but I’m not telling you that.) Coming out for a curry, catch a movie? No, I have already made plans.

I’m too tired to write even, so away for an early night and tomorrow is another day…