Thanks to the challenge host for such dedicated reviews, unique comment and feedback and providing easy access links to all participant entries for our blog-hopping. New prompt today for this week’s challenge – RonovanWrites has lots of great material, blogging tips and is a community-oriented blogger. Definitely worth a visit, highly recommended. Looking forward to visiting all last week’s haiku posts, bit behind this week. ..


Week 61 was for the words Wine & Tears. I came up with the prompt words from a spur of the moment thought I had in a melancholy mood and I shared it on Twitter. I liked the way the words turned out after reading them the next day and they became the starting point for the example or opening Haiku of the Challenge. Laughter can do miracles. It’s my go-to for any situation and usually works to get people I know into a better frame of mind and realize all is not lost or hopeless or as bad as they think.

The Closing Haiku

With a wine red nose,

The clown made the people laugh,

While tears flowed inside.

Click Here for the Image version I created today and posted earlier.

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