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Finally, Friday’s prompt and my (weakend…) response:

about additional delays

Aside from my weakend man-flu excuses, 11th September is a day of remembrance, commemoration and reflection. Collectively, my creative friends and I agreed that this particular day is not to be a day of publishing anything we create, whether it’s directly associated with the dreadful events of September 11th 2001 or not. Hence, one reason for my delaying this post’s publication. Additional excuses and reasons in a round-about way are mentioned elsewhere. So, my September 11th post occurs with this date attached, but was published publicly on 12th.


My bonus three word prompt from last week’s excess fourteen words was randomly drawn as “interaction takes more” – I appreciate the reminder but the timing’s out of sync with physicality, so I leave it to standalone.

Not wanting to add odd numbers to my total excess unused prompts box, I’m taking a second draw (last week’s bonus words & draft responses unfinished are in my notebook somewhere!)

2nd random draw on last week’s eleven excess words :

‘ “Entire claim happens” to have been withdrawn. ‘ (Popular saying in UK welfare public service departments since the Welfare Reform Act 2012.)

(Post updated 12/9/15 ie September 12th)