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Today’s prompt

Fortitude sprang to mind as I rose, though for what reason and meaning I’m not sure. Paused, arresting uncertainty. Rising to the challenge, I begin. I have never been part of an up-rising, though if I were, I could expect to be arrested, for sure.


Apparently ‘Fortitude’ is a TV series featuring the town of Fortitude, the safest place on earth, fictional place I assume, yet to explore further another day or not – set at the edge of the Arctic Circle, sounds fascinating but quick glance suggests it was slammed by critics. I’d never heard of it until today, seeking meaning of the word.

The definition of fortitude includes strength of mind or will, courage to endure pain or adversity. Fortiduous was what I assumed the adjective form of fortitude to be. Apparently not, it’s one of those quirky English words that we often use incorrectly. The correct adjective form is apparently fortitudinous. Must remember, in making fortitude as adjective = fortitudinous… it’s a word very rarely heard in common everyday language.

I tried checking that above ‘fact’ at the Oxford online dictionary assuming it to be a good source, but reminded by visiting why I don’t bother using it. Neither version of fortitude as an adjective returns a result in the search. I found ‘fortuitous’ as a legal term, but that site requires an account to obtain better information than the free version. That’s not in the spirit of the internet and is a pain. I assume fortuitous to be an adverb form but could be wrong.

So, now I’ve set myself an etymology exploration excercise to leave behind for another day, I’m off to get my lunch. Happy Sunday 😀