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Prompt for today rrr-random selection, as always since deciding the chance method rather than choice…

It wouldn’t be my choice these days to ride a rollercoaster, don’t fancy the result on my physical demeanor at all.  My heart’s in my stomach even watching a video from the rider’s point of view – and I did find some great footage recently, I’ll have to track back. ‘Rollercoaster’ made me think of Red Hot Chilli Peppers now and almost as long since I heard that track as taking a rollercoaster ride! I managed the ghost train and dodgems last time I went with my daughter to the fun fair but even that was a good few years ago now. Now of course she has a boyfriend to accompany her for fun at the fair. Riding the railroad is probably about as daring as I’ll dare from now until the end of my days and I hope by then I’m not completely off the rails… not sure which thought is scariest, the rollercoaster, or old age?