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Another day’s end, another daily response prompt

Wavering isn’t a possibility and neither are options. Feels like a bombshell, a long and lazy weekend over and back to work tomorrow. A three day week doesn’t make it any more comforting and the reduction in wages stings.

Bombastic, what a strange word for pretentious or ‘important sounding language that is meaningless’.

When my alarms go off, the bomb doesn’t drop, I sleep through. It takes a neighbour hearing my need to face the day for work, to nip round, bang on my door till the dog barks and that wakes me. It remains a rule of thumb to set the alarms anyway, knowing they fail and hoping for the help. I can then save face when my co-worker phones to warn me he’s now leaving home and will be arriving in fifteen minutes. Luckily the neighbour wakes early before my alarms.

I’m well-known for not waking esily. A bomb could actually drop and if I survived it I still might not wake unless the dog barks at it!

Facing tomorrow… facing the fact I haven’t done anything much during this long weekend from my lingering to-do-list… a small measure ( if only I had one) for a nightcap would be nice with my supper and an early night awaits…

…and I must look out for a metal ruler as attempting to cut floor tiles against a plastic one could go horribly wrong. My excuse for delaying the DIY this weekend…