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spaced for post midnight catch-up, officially Sunday tackling Saturday’s prompt :-

Applying myself again to random selection spontaneity in free-writing, whatever the ramble – while nagging the back of my mind is applying myself to tackling the bramble, overgrown and neglected and blocking our back alley.

Talking of gardening, it’s a bank holiday weekend and with an extra day off I should be DIY-ing according to tradition – or is it sea-siding away to historical coastal towns? (I’ve missed the nearest ‘beach’ again this year in Nottingham City!) Or back to the pub – not!

There was plenty of talk at the pub Friday night of holiday plans for later in the season when prices are cheaper, trips away alreay spent, or saving for next year’s choice destination. “I haven’t decided yet” and “that’s a good question!” were my only answers to brief inquisitions before the next peacock-like display of holidaying intention or achievement was announced.

I forgot how noisy a pub atmosphere is, how you hear small talk ten to the dozen, how the sounds assault your ears and pound at your head. All the while I’m regretting that twenty quid spent for a round from a low-income while your pals assume (a) your health’s so much better if you;’re back at work and (b) your financial difficulties are solved now you’ve a wage. Still, it made a change (and there was a little).

So, talking of a day off Monday with no pay instead of double-time for a day at work. Applying myself to … the extra rest probably, maybe some close to home blackberry picking – at least I know it’s not been contaminated with pesticide unless the other neighbours did that while I’ve been out (…mmm… maybe not then)…

Maybe I’ll explore some history and check out these writers from my guest bloggers selected quotes…