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Thursday’s a great day for keeping this event in mind, to plan and take one extra small step, share inspiration and positive action 🙂 This is a great book review blog too if you’re looking for titles to add to your wishlist or festive gift shopping list.

As well as the official tag for my post, I might use ‘TASTe Life101’ and enjoy being re-motivated… As for the great quote at this post, I’ll find a thing or two to whisper to myself at work all week and fingers crossed for the power of affirmation 🙂 I’m amused how the summary of the original post shown on my reblog below is quite fitting sometimes… I’ve reblogged an older post, please click here for lastest posts at Thistles and Whistles blog 🙂

Thistles and Whistles


There are some situations you do not voluntarily wish to be in at 4:50 AM in the morning. Playing peacekeeper between your your mind and body is definitely one of them. These two troublemakers had a humongous fight today and dragged me into their quarrel. It was actually quite alarming, to be honest.

The battle went on something like this:

*Alarm rings at 4:45 AM. Goes on for another 5 minutes until I am woken up from the very depths of my being.*

Mind: It’s 10 minutes to 5 AM. Time to get up!

Body: But I’m exhausted! You haven’t been giving me proper rest and 3 hours of sleep every night is just not enough. C’mon, have a little heart!

Mind: But you’ve been doing so amazingly well for the past 11 days! Why would you want to give up at this point? You know you want to keep…

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