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I’d not forgotten how easy it is to lose track of time and how fly-by visits blog-hopping can be so enjoyably immersive – so good thing I left a browsing session to a day off. I’ve been flitting about co-learner blogs from our February Blogging201 ‘course’ having a good catch-up (and a nice coffee or two along the way). Not made it nearly as far as I might have hoped in those two hours and have to get offline for online shopping arrival and housework. Forgot to take a break from the screen after 45mins but don’t have a headache yet 🙂

I’m left with this niggling thought for a (future?) post…

Inspired by the High Five from Beyond the Picket Fence

Are you a reflection of the five people that you spend the most time with?

Well first, that means I must be very like my dog, although she’s not a ‘person’ as such, she quite human and she is who I spend most time with on a daily basis even now.

Family phone calls probably don’t count in the same way and I really must try to pay some real world visits before it’s rolling round to Christmas again!

I’ve not see my friends in ages, closest ones keep in touch online and by phone. I’m forever taking a rain check on the lads night out invites, can’t afford the footie in spite of work, don’t fancy fishing or camping, even for a weekend. Weekends fly by anyway, before you know it, it’s Monday again, back to the grindstone and being sure of being able to.

That leaves colleagues and the people I travel to work with… I’m not sure I’m becoming like them (and hope not) and not sure I should write about them either!

Maybe getting older I’m feeling my age, maybe that’s being around my colleagues…?