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Today’s prompt and my spontaneous response:

Flagging at my desk feeling a creative future’s best and using any which way I might. This inspiration’s great but it’s getting kind of late, so be best to keep my writing response light. Hey, at least I made a post, now thinking future Sunday roast and when to do this next week’s online shopping list. Maybe for a treat using this week’s salary I’ll meet some mates on Friday get a little pi**ed. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll fall back to these jots and in a jiffy draft out what? -something more creative written than free-write. Oh yeah, by tomorrow night, I’ve got fourteen spare prompts and might just have a bonus task to boot and hoot ‘yippee!’ For now I’m meeting sure my aim to get back to my blogging game and how much difference those three words and prompts can make! 😀