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Unfortunate tech difficulty having an easy share illustration  from the Candelescent blog, but at the bottom of the page is another artist’s work (with permission).

Very sorry for the inconvenience and any disappointment Ramida, I enjoyed finding a random post generator page while visiting the Candelescent blog today and there’s a great amateur artist’s online gallery to check out. I felt it was a fantastic blog, well set-out and organised and admirable in every respect as a fly-by visitor with the pleasure of seeing a gallery page with some lovely artwork with a range of variety.

The piece I’d selected was a simple but quite beautiful watercolour background with a generic universal motivational phrase added to it. As the words in the phrase can’t possibly be copyrighted because of repeat mass-produced souvenir/gift/greetings type manufacturing, I can share those words at least, but slightly varied to how I’d say it personally, or maybe how I’ve seen it in UK shops.

there are seven days in a week but none of them are someday

Do visit the young artist’s blog and gallery if you get time, explore and leave a comment /like if you will.

While of course that statement is very true, for some of us, we’re always haviing to hope and rely on the ‘some day’ aspects with the realities of our daily lives.

in the pink... Saturday Special ©2015, stu06bloc9, ©2011-2015, Colette Bates

in the pink… Saturday Special ©2015, stu06bloc9, permissions secured, ©2011-2015, Colette Bates

So, back to bigging up my personal artist friend from the work she left with me to help her organise and get online, while she’s learning how to blogging101 and website tech herself now. Shame I’m such a snail and still learning techie stuff but at last our collaborative projects will benefit from our individual range of learning and skills development. It’s one you may have seen before, previously used as a ‘Something Special for Sunday’ elsewhere in our collaborative art blog, (temporarily inactive) and now featuring as a Saturday Special illustration for today’s post here.

…how a nice little illustration and a splash of colour can make a difference…

 Colette’s personal b101 blog

Thanks again to Ramida for the motivation to work with an image in a post 😀